Lift Up Your Hope On This Independence Day

Lift Up Your Hope On This Independence Day

Lift Up Your Hope On This Independence Day

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We celebrate our independence day on the 4th of July, as on this Day America declares independence from the British empire. This day we celebrate the joy of living in freedom and breathing in an independent state. 56 of the founding fathers signed the declaration in 1776 declaring the 13 colonies as an independent nation. People from all religious and ethnic backgrounds unite on a single platform to celebrate the birthday of a great nation. Reflecting on our past and seeing that it all came from humble beginnings on foreign soil that we now call our home. We must not forget the sacrifice and the hardships that laid the foundation of this nation. The most beautiful thing about this day is seeing our national flag in the hands of every patriot.

Brief History

History has witnessed all the sacrifice and the hardships which led the 13 colonies to claim their independence from the British and unite together as a single nation. In the summer of 1776, the conflict between the colonies and the British made the colonies assemble a Continental Congress in Philadelphia. In a session on 7th June, Richard Henry Lee presented a resolution in Pennsylvania State House which later came to be known as the Independence Hall. This resolution was not followed up immediately but it laid the basis of independence. Consideration of the resolution was delayed by the vote of seven to five. Hence, a committee of five was formed to draft a statement to present to the world. The opportunity to draft the document fell onto the shoulders of Thomas Jefferson of Virginia. Debates on Jefferson’s documents lead to some changes in the document but the sole concept of the declaration remained unchanged. This process continues to 3rd July and on 4th July the declaration was adopted. This declaration stated that these colonies are no longer apart of Britain and will continue to be an independent nation.

Ways to Celebrate

July 4th is known to be the birth date of America. As our founding fathers hoped we celebrate this day with a great display of patriotism. This is a federal holiday and many of the non-essential government departments are closed and private businesses also grant a holiday to their employees. Fairs are held with patriotic themes, echoes of national songs all over the nation, children running on the streets with national flags painted on their faces happy to be born in a free nation. This is the day to celebrate with flags outside your home and Save With Deal provides you with deals and coupons to save you money on every purchase of national flag. We celebrate this day as an appreciation to those who fought for our future and abled us to breathe freely as a united nation.


Firing with guns and canyons and illuminating the sky was how the independence day was celebrated in history, adding to the explosive nature of this festival. Those firearms were then replaced with fireworks continuing to this day and has become a tradition. Although fireworks can be quite expensive, Save With Deal has all the best deals and coupons that help you reduce your cost so that everyone can have the pleasure of lighting up the sky and celebrate. Lighting up the sky with red, white, and blue is a privilege to all Americans that links us to the origins of independence. As on the day of independence, every ship’s cannon fired a 13- gun salute, fireworks help us to relive that day and lifts our spirits.

Family Reunion

Family reunions are a great way to celebrate Independence day. It is the perfect time to unite with the family and spend some quality time together, playing with your kids taking some pictures and share the happiness of this day with each other. You can order something online for your family and can get benefits from our discounted offers and deals. It is a great time to get along with your family and celebrate the birth of the United States. Family reunions are all about making this day memorable, playing games, and having fun with them. This day comes with its own theme with food like rocket dogs, or hotdogs, and games like flag hunt, pie-eating contest, or ring toss so you can have fun with your loved ones.


Having a barbeque in your backyard is the proper way to celebrate independence day as it has become a tradition over time. The 4th of July is the national holiday for outdoor cooking. Getting together in the backyard firing up the grill and getting that smoky feeling has its own pleasures. If you too want to host a barbeque in your backyard and you are looking for a barbeque grill, Save With Deal has your solution with exclusive independence day offers for you to purchase your favorite grill and many more items at a reduced cost. Having outdoor cooking on this day will surely give you a tasty time.


Everyone on this day is excited and in a festive move as it is the independence day. Red, white and blue everywhere, people wearing pointed hats and almost everyone has stars and stripes on them. Patriots jumping with joy singing national anthems and balloons in their hands. It is a beautiful view. Large balloons associated this day on the streets, police, and military marching with drum rolls have a charismatic feel. Parade unites everyone as a single nation. Streets are filled with people of all ages on this day displaying their love for their nation and to appreciate being part of an independent state.

Warm Wishes On This Independence Day

On this federal holiday and a day of celebrations, Save With deal wishes you a Happy Independence Day and provides you with a platform with the best deals and offers for you to avail from so you can enjoy and also save on this occasion when a new nation was born.

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