Impact of COVID 19 On Education Sector

Impact of COVID 19 On Education Sector

Impact of COVID 19 On Education Sector

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This global crisis has affected every aspect of life. The COVID 19 pandemic is firstly a health crisis but it has affected the educational sector worldwide, leading to total closure of the school, colleges, and universities. All this an attempt to contain this deadly virus but at an unfair price of knowledge. Schools, colleges, and universities are under dead silence muffling the sound of global hardships.

Loss of Students

Students from all over the world are suffering due to this situation. They are experiencing great loss in their education, which will affect them in the future too. More than 60% of the student population is impacted by this pandemic. This global lockdown has made a negative impact on students learning, social skills, and a child’s ability to grow. Students with mental disorders and physical disabilities are far away from getting their required education to this pandemic.

Homeschooling Privilege

Within the first weeks of lockdown, many responsible families have taken this as an opportunity to homeschool their children. They were not generally sent home to play, the idea was to provide them education at home in the hope of not missing out much. Families are focused to provide necessary input into a child’s learning, it may seem a positive thought at first but this method is an attempt to regain the loss from schools. You can get the necessary material online at a low cost with our deals and coupons to provide education at home. Global homeschooling will produce some fun and inspirational moments but at the same time some angry and frustrating moments as well. Lack of education ourselves turned out to be a difficulty for parents as they fail to teach something they don’t know.

Interruptions in Assessments

Assessments are a method to provide information about the progress of students to their parents and teachers, the loss of this information delays the identification of both learning difficulties and high potential students. This pandemic not only interrupts teaching around the world but at the same time it affects a key assessment period as many exams are canceled or postponed. Many institutions have replaced their traditional exams with other assessment tools, but there is a lack of credibility in the outcome of these tools. Another alternative for these assessments is predicted grading but that may turn out to be unjust.

Digital Schooling

Many educational institutions have launched a digital learning platform for their students, in response to this crisis which has forced students to remain at home for an extended period. It is challenging to make digital education to work in low resourced settings with huge hurdles to jump. Those communities suffering through poverty even before this crisis cannot afford to provide digital education to their children. You can shop for a variety of tools and get discounts with our best deals and coupons. Teachers and students both need to find out a way to utilize their tools efficiently to make the most of this electronic learning. Digital schooling is a temporary alternative to keep the learning going.

Graduate Level

This global pandemic may affect the careers of this year’s university graduates. Experiencing major interruptions in learning in their final year they are experiencing interruptions in their exams too. Many colleges and universities have decided to issue refunds to students for their tuition. Students are most likely to graduate at a time of recession, forcing them to work lower-paid jobs. Graduates having careers with high earnings are predicted to have a poor starting point. Some careers will be permanently affected by this crisis and suffer greatly from earning loss. These situations have made many students drop out of their universities or colleges.

How to Tackle with This Situation

COVID 19 is a global issue and it has affected our educational system, to contain this virus and rebuild our educational system some major steps should be taken. Distance learning programs should be introduced and steps should be taken to make sure that the students with low-income backgrounds and students with disabilities have access to these programs. Our deals and coupons can reduce your cost and help you purchase all the essentials you need in your budget. Develop reliable programs to monitor the progress of students as well as teachers. Provide support to parents and teachers by giving them training sessions on using digital tools. Governments should brainstorm together how to mitigate the negative impacts of this crisis. Students are a nation’s most valuable asset and to secure their future should be our top priority.

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